Can Refinancing Your Car Hurt Your Credit Score?

By Busy Fox May 6, 2022

Refinancing may be worth it if you are at high risk of defaulting on your car loan or being late. Your credit score will be affected if you default or are late on your loan payment. This could lead to more frustrations and fees.

For many reasons, refinancing a vehicle can cause credit problems.

  • Refinancing is taking out a new loan to repay your car loan.
  • The lender will likely conduct a credit check before issuing the loan.
  • Your credit utilization and the average age of your accounts will be affected by the new loan..

This is a complicated topic so we are going to take it step-by-step to answer the question, “Does refinancing your car affect your credit?”

Refinance Of A Car Loan Is A Smart Idea?

Every person’s financial situation will be different, but it is sometimes a smart idea to refinance your car loan.

There are other reasons you might refinance your car loan

You might have an existing high-interest auto loan. You might be able to get better terms if you have higher income or credit. The ilending car refinance calculator allows you to estimate the repayments of a secured loan based on your rate, term, and amount.

The dealership offered you a loan, but they tend to increase the price of financing.

When you bought the car, your options were limited. Perhaps you were in a difficult financial situation and a bad credit car loan was your only option.

You would like to pay off the car sooner but there is a prepayment penalty. Refinancing into an interest-free loan with no penalties could allow you to make extra payments and get your car more quickly.

Refinancing might be the best option in such cases.

Can You Get Your Money Back If You Refinance Your Car?

If you qualify for a cash-out auto loan, you can get your money back when refinancing your car.

You’re paying off your vehicle loan by taking out a larger loan and keeping the difference. This is similar to a cash-out refinance mortgage in that you use the equity in your vehicle to obtain cash now.

Your car must be worth more than the current loan amount to qualify. The amount you can refinance will vary from one lender to the next. It is not guaranteed that you will get the entire value of your car or truck.

Although you might get a shorter-term or an interest rate, your cash-out auto refinance loan is still larger than the original loan. This is because you are refinancing to receive cashback.

What Are Some Of The Benefits Of Refinancing A Car?

A lower interest rate is a major benefit when refinancing your vehicle. There are many other reasons to refinance your vehicle.

The pros  of refinancing your vehicle

  • Lower interest rate
  • Consolidation of Debt.
  • Increased cash flow
  • Avoiding repossession.

How Long Do I Have To Wait Before I Refinance My Vehicle?

That old saying that a brand-new car is “used” once it’s driven off the lot, you know? It’s true.

Cars depreciate very quickly. A car that is older than its current value will be more attractive for an auto refinance loan.

It was also important to consider the number of your loan payments. Refinancing is intended to lower interest.

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